Rael & Letson Consultants and Actuaries


Retiree Health (OPEB) Actuarial/Consulting

  • Required Reports

    In addition to pension valuations, we perform calculations for Other Postemployment Benefit Obligations (or “OPEB”) by the name of the accounting statements that require their determination: FASB ASC 965 (which includes former SOP 92-6/01-2), FASB ASC 715- 60 (which includes former FAS 106/132R/158) and GASB 74/75 (formerly GASB 43/45). Because Rael & Letson staffs both pension and health actuaries, we are well qualified to perform these calculations.
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  • Additional Applications for OPEB Valuations

    Several different, relevant and highly useful reports are available as natural extensions to the required reports. These additional reports provide decision makers with practical tools to evaluate the operation of the retiree medical plan that may not have been previously available.
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