Rael & Letson Consultants and Actuaries


Request a Proposal

If you’d like to send us a request for proposal for actuarial/consulting services, we welcome the opportunity to respond. Please send your request for proposal to any of our staff with whom you may be familiar (click Personnel) or send your request for proposal to info@rael-letson.com.

In order to help us better address the needs of your specific plan(s), the following information included with the RFP is very helpful:

  • contact information of the person requesting the proposal
  • due date and number of copies needed
  • copies of the most current SPDs and any amendments
  • copies of the most current auditor’s report
  • copies of relevant actuarial reports (e.g., the pension valuation report, GASB 67/68 report, FASB ASC 965 report [formerly known as the SOP 92-6 report] or the GASB 74/75 report)
  • for pension plans, copies of the most recent Form 5500
  • a description of the services requested
  • a description of the preferred pricing arrangement (e.g., hourly vs. retainer)
  • an overview of the plan, vendors and other professionals involved
  • geographical area served, number of participants and any other relevant background or history

We look forward to hearing from you.