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About Rael & Letson


Our mission is to provide timely, accurate, useful information to our clients so they are able to make decisions that produce optimal value for plan participants. We achieve this goal by maintaining our solid foundation as an actuarial and consulting firm, a foundation that was built on the experience of knowledgeable, creative, dedicated professionals.


Rael & Letson was founded by Juan Rael and Ed Letson in 1963, for the purpose of providing the highest quality actuarial and consulting services to multiemployer trust funds. In 1986 the firm was purchased by Michael Clark, who had been an employee since 1970. Mr. Clark led the firm until January of 2004 at which point ownership and management was turned over to the employees. Rael & Letson is proud to continue serving its clients as an employee owned firm.

Until 1994, the firm operated out of one location in the San Francisco Bay Area. From this single office, Rael & Letson served clients throughout the western region, from Anchorage to San Diego, with occasional client work in Nevada. In 1994 Rael & Letson opened an office in the Seattle area, in order to better serve clients and develop additional client opportunities in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The Pasadena office was opened in 1996 establishing a strong presence along the entire west coast of the United States. More recently, the firm launched its operations in Hawaii in 2016. This pattern of stable growth has continued.

As the firm has continued to serve a growing number of clients, it has also gathered and retained a highly qualified team of employees. In 1990 the firm consisted of about a dozen employees in one location; currently there are over 55 employees in offices spread across four states. The long-term growth of Rael & Letson has been characterized by very low turnover. This stability enables Rael & Letson to build and maintain strong client relationships. Many client relationships have spanned decades and through these well established relationships Rael & Letson can offer the most successful interaction between clients and consultants. To clients and employees alike, Rael & Letson is a positive organization with which to be involved. Read more about the rewarding aspects of working at Rael & Letson on the careers page!